You’ve reached the end
 of your working life,
 so where to from here?

Is retirement working out as you’d imagined? Are money worries creeping in? Or are there debts that just won’t go away? It’s not easy crunching all the numbers and figuring out, just how much is enough? 

Chances are, you might have more than you think.

What is Smooth Retirement...

Smooth Retirement is a practical and simple new service for Australian retirees like no other. We’re here to educate and guide you to put your personal wealth to work, including your home.

We work with you to create long-term, sensible plans to manage your retirement income via fully-regulated equity release solutions, combined with your super and Age Pension.

Our smart technology makes the complicated, simple – calculating the very best strategy to meet your retirement goals, including projections as well as individually tailored income stream and credit advice.

Even if you’re young at heart, now’s the time to discover all that’s possible and confidently plot your retirement journey, staying in your own home, armed with trusted assistance.

Smooth Retirement is your guide to a good life

Watch how we do it

Reverse Mortgages

Australia’s most popular form of equity release, a reverse mortgage, is a loan designed specifically for seniors who own, or mostly own, their own homes. Reverse mortgages allow you to borrow* funds against the value of your home at a time when you need it the most and are unlikely to qualify for any other sort of loan.
*Lending criteria applies
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Equity Release

Different to reverse mortgages, equity release products allow you to use some of the wealth in your home without having to borrow against it. Instead, you agree to sell a share of the value or future value of your home in exchange for access to lump sum funds now.
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