About Us

our story

Our Story

Smooth Retirement has been created by a team of creative and innovative financial planners and financial services professionals.

We aim to help Australian retirees – especially the great number of ‘baby boomers’ – discover and learn about all their options for accessing equity release to live a good life.

We’re proud of our brand-new service, and of the possibilities it offers for making equity release more achievable and better understood as part of a long-term retirement income solution.

Why Smooth Retirement is different

Australian owned and operated.

Wholly independent company.

Transparent, fee-for-service model.

Exceeds all regulatory and licensing requirements.

No upfront or trail commissions accepted from lenders.

Pay back any rebates received directly to clients.

One-of-a-kind smart technology provides a unique service.


The Smooth Retirement story, from our Humble beginnings to Smooth Retirement today.


We are a group of driven and dedicated professionals who bring our wide expertise and knowledge to you.


All of our awards and achievements over the years.

We can help you maximise your retirement income