Our story

Humble beginnings...

Our co-founder, Scott Phillips (now CEO and Managing Director), was moved to come up with the idea when he continually faced people with similar problems of having insufficient retirement funds.

Time-and-time again, in his then role working for a large superannuation fund, Scott encountered retirees with not enough funds for retirement or facing substantially reduced incomes to see them through their whole retirement.

“So many distressed people were facing this grim financial reality and seemed to have no clear options within the financial services sector models. But in almost every case, the majority of their wealth remained untouched, effectively ‘locked up’ in the family home.”

Scott saw the system as setting retirees up to feel they had failed, when they’d actually worked hard and successfully paid off their homes – even during the years of record high interest rates.

“Surely retirees deserve a better deal?”

Laying foundations...

And so Scott’s initial concept of equity release via an online platform was born. Several years of further development continued, and a like-minded team was formed. In 2017 Smooth Retirement’s three founders Scott, Bob and Daniel Budreika, officially established the project, and began developing the smart technology that supports the service.

Since then, we’ve come of age as a dynamic organisation with a thriving, experienced and skilled team comprising senior executives and professionals from the banking and financial services, insurance and superannuation, technology, legal and marketing sectors.


Smooth Retirement is committed to delivering a service we are proud of. Our new-generation company is here to help Australians heading into, or already in, retirement with little in superannuation or savings, but who own their own homes, to access their wealth in smarter ways.

We hold dual licences (Australian Financial Services Licence and Australian Credit Licence) and combined with our smart technology, deliver long-term, equity release strategies to guide retirees comfortably and securely through their later years.


We aim to financially liberate Australian retirees. With tools, knowledge and a ‘roadmap’ that’s easy to navigate, Smooth Retirement helps retirees plan a more secure, stress-free and enjoyable retirement.

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