Advisers & Brokers

Adding value to your services and client relationships

At Smooth Retirement we work with financial advisers and mortgage brokers to provide specialist, outsourced expertise in equity release.

We understand and respect the relationships you have with your clients and we aim to enhance and support this by adding value to the professional services that you provide.

Our focus is on delivering scoped, specialist equity release advice, planning and broking to improve income and cashflow for retirees.

We provide strategic advice on retirement income streams under our AFSL, and equity release product advice and recommendations under our Australian Credit Licence.

What makes us different?

Our propriety-built retirement planning software is capable of modelling long-term projections of a client’s retirement income needs – up to the age of at least 95.

How we can work with you

Equity release is a specialised area with new products and services coming onto the Australian market.

Simple referral process

You simply make a clean referral to us, and we’ll examine your client’s equity release options on your behalf.

Find out how we can work with you. Smooth Retirement is available NOW nationwide.