Simple referral process

Simple referral process

You simply make a clean referral to us, and we’ll examine your client’s equity release options on your behalf. This includes making product comparisons and identifying the most suitable product.

We’ll demonstrate, in detail, to you and your client, how a reverse mortgage or other type of equity release product can be combined with all their other income producing assets, to meet their long-term retirement income goals.

Our one-of-a-kind service includes creating and delivering a comprehensive advice statement. This outlines our strategic income stream advice (Combined Statement of Advice & Credit Proposal for your client, the recommendation and facilitation of a credit product (reverse mortgage or equity release), as well as the option of an annual review for equity release purposes only.

Your client remains with you as their financial planner or broker throughout the process and beyond. They engage only with you and continue to deal with you on all other aspects of their financial situation.

Smooth Retirement is licensed to provide strategic advice on retirement income streams under our AFSL and equity release product advice and recommendations under our Australian Credit Licence.

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