Equity Release Eligibility Check


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Eligibility Test

Eligibility Test

Eligibility Test

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Eligibility requirements for Age Pension

Below are the eligibility requirements anyone seeking the Age Pension needs to satisfy.


At 1 July 2019: 66 years. After this date eligibility rises 6 months every two years until 1 July 2023.


You must be an Australian resident and in Australia on application day. Generally, you need to have lived in Australia for over 10 years.


Your income and assets are taken into account to determine eligibility. If you live in your family home, it’s not currently counted as an asset.

Frequently asked Questions

What is a reverse mortgage?
What is equity release?
What is the difference between a reverse mortgage and equity release?
How do I know if I’m eligible for a reverse mortgage?
You risk losing your home
You can be forcibly removed from your house
Your home can be sold against your will
I’ll have to make repayments on the money I get
Isn’t this just another type of loan and growing debt?

*Terms and conditions apply and you will have responsibilities that you are required to meet under the contract.

I want to boost my retirement income

Scenario 2

Jenny is 65 years old with a home she owns outright. The home is valued at $xxx. She is living on full a pension of $xxx per year (or $xx per week) with $xx in super. Jenny wanted to increase her…


Equity Release Eligibility Check

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