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    Eligibility requirements for Equity Release

    What are the main qualifications and requirements for home equity release?


    You (and or your partner) need to be at least 60 years of age to be eligible for a reverse mortgage or equity release style product.

    Home ownership

    You need to own, or mostly own, your home and have significant equity available to you. This may be different if you are refinancing an existing mortgage.

    Home type

    Freestanding well-maintained homes, including some investment properties and holiday homes are eligible. Postcode restrictions apply for some products and some properties (e.g. rural 2ha+ and retirement homes) are excluded. Apartments and townhouses are not always eligible – depending on the location and the lender/product provider.

    Frequently asked Questions

    What is a reverse mortgage?
    What is equity release?
    What is the difference between a reverse mortgage and equity release?
    How do I know if I’m eligible for a reverse mortgage?
    You risk losing your home
    You can be forcibly removed from your house
    Your home can be sold against your will
    I'll have to make repayments on the money I get
    Isn't this just another type of loan and growing debt?

    *Terms and conditions apply and you will have responsibilities that you are required to meet under the contract.

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