How we help accountants

Accountants generally know everything there is to know about their client’s financial situation. They commonly have well-established and close relationships with the people and families who engage them, often spanning several generations.

It is a relationship of trust and it is understandable that people turn to their accountant for all manner of guidance and advice, including in relation to funding their retirement.

Much like financial planners, for many accountants, reverse mortgages have traditionally been something to avoid. This is largely a result of the legacy of bad products from years past as well as a lack of information on government regulations and product improvements.

A reverse mortgage or equity release, however, can be a legitimate strategy for retirees whose home is worth more than all their other assets added together.

But even if an accountant were to recognise a reverse mortgage as a possible option, they are likely not licensed to provide credit advice. Even if they are, comparing the different features of these products to determine their suitability can be extremely difficult and time consuming.

When evaluating whether equity release is a viable and suitable strategy for a client, it also needs to be considered in conjunction with the rest of their available income streams including Age Pension and their account-based pension. This is financial advice that can only be provided legally by a professional or adviser with an AFSL.

That’s where we come in. Smooth Retirement is designed to work directly with accountants and other financial services professionals for the benefit of their clients.

Simple referral process

The process is simple. Clients are referred directly to us and we assess their equity release options, make product comparisons and identify the most suitable product for them.

We demonstrate in detail to the client how a reverse mortgage can be combined with all their other income producing assets to meet their long-term retirement income goals and funding.

Our service includes the creation and delivery of a comprehensive advice statement (Combined Statement of Advice & Credit Proposal) to the client, the recommendation and facilitation of a credit product (reverse mortgage or equity release), as well as the option of an annual review for equity release purposes only.

The client remains the client of the accountant throughout the process and beyond and continues to engage the accountant for the provision of all other services in relation to the ongoing management of their finances.

Smooth Retirement is licensed to provide strategic advice on retirement income streams under our AFSL and equity release product advice and recommendations under our Australian Credit Licence.

Find out how we can work with you.

Smooth Retirement is available NOW nationwide offering free, no-obligation consultations for all new clients.
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