Independent Equity Release Advisers and Brokers

Use your home to live better in retirement

Our team of specialist advisers and brokers helps retirees all over Australia to improve their lifestyle by using some of the accumulated value in their home.

Reverse mortgage loans for 60+                       Home reversion / partial sales products
No monthly repayments                                     No negative equity guaranteed
Variable rates (5.15% to 5.95%)                         Personal income planning
Government regulated                                       Tailored lump sum planning
Fully disclosed fees and charges                     Lifetime modelling and projections
Free consultation                                               Available online or phone
*Terms, conditions and lending criteria apply

What can we do for you?

Top Up Income

Do you own your own home and need to increase your cashflow?

Lump Sums

Are you thinking of selling your home to cover big costs?

Cash Reserve

Need some funds on hand for life’s unexpected events?

Replace Savings

Are your savings preventing you from receiving a full pension?

Refinance Debt

Are debt repayments eating into your retirement income?

Aged care funding

Do you need to pay for care at home or in a residential facility?

How it works

A brand new approach

Crunching all the numbers and working out, just how much is enough to last all your retirement years is no easy task.

That’s why we have created a specialist equity release advice service to help make the complicated, simple!

Using our smart technology, our team is able to look at all available reverse mortgages and equity release products to determine the best one for you, and then create a tailored long-term plan to improve and manage your retirement income, from now to at least age 95.

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    Book a free consultation

    Get in touch and we’ll make an appointment for your initial consultation with a qualified, friendly team member.

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    Calculate your individual plan

    Our team combines your super, Age Pension, savings and other income sources with a home equity release solution, to deliver a tailored new plan just for you.

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    Ongoing advice and support

    It doesn’t end there! Our team will stay with you through the application process, settlement and beyond – we’re there to provide ongoing advice as the years roll on.

What's your retirement situation?

I want a little more income in retirement

Former small business owners Frank and Rose, both 67, would like to boost their monthly income to make their life more comfortable and do more of the things they like to do in retirement.

Debt is causing us financial stress

Bob and Anne are feeling financially stressed. Retirement is going pretty well for these healthy 69-year-olds – but for the last ten years they’ve been carrying some DEBT – which is NOW a real problem.

My savings are impacting my pension

Trevor and Margaret have worked really hard to save for their retirement. They’ve paid off their $600,000 house and have no debt. While that’s good, the couple’s $275,000 in savings (along with some other financial assets) is significantly reducing the amount of Age Pension they receive.

I want a new car, renovations or overseas holiday

Ange is finally going to take that European trip she’s been dreaming of for so long. She also wants to do a house renovation. To do all this, pensioner Ange is going to need to get hold of a fairly large sum of cash.

I need aged care funding

To secure Roger’s place, the couple must find $120,000 now – part payment of the hefty Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD). They don’t want to sell the home and move Betty out of the street she loves.

I want cash for a 'rainy day'

We all feel better knowing we’ve got something tucked away for life’s unexpected events. Find out how Trevor and Margaret can rejig their finances so they receive more Age Pension but still have access to lump sum cash should they want or need it down the track.

Do you have enough? Are you worried?

Is financial stress and worry impacting your retirement? Does one or more of these situations apply to you?

Then talk to us! We’re here to help you navigate the retirement planning minefield. We’ve got the know-how to show you exactly where you’re at, and all the options to help you get to where you want to go.

Download your FREE equity release guide

Your independent Australian guide to all things equity release including the different types of products, how they work, what you might use them for as well as the pros and cons.

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