Benefits of Smooth Retirement

Benefits of Smooth Retirement

Maximise Age Pension

Government pensions form the cornerstone of retirement income for many Australians.

Part of our specialist advice service is working out whether you’re receiving your maximum pension entitlements. We do the calculations and guide you on what to do if you are not getting what you’re entitled to.

To help you further, we combine your Age Pension with other income you may receive. This could be account-based pension, share dividends, and drawings you plan to make from a reverse mortgage. We then provide you with the right strategy – taking all your income sources into account – to ensure you get the most out of your pension.


Preserve Your Super

We can help you to preserve your superannuation for longer, keeping it exposed to any potential market returns.

By maximising your Age Pension and using some of your home equity to top up your income, you can draw less on your account-based pension, making it last for many more years.


Alternative To Downsizing

With our equity release solutions, you retain ownership of your home and continue to live there (or in some cases, may even rent it out), only selling when you choose. Not only do you get to keep the place you love, you continue to benefit from any capital growth – at the same time avoiding the negative impacts on your pension, and the significant financial costs and stress associated with selling.


Regulated and independent

Our service is government regulated and 100% committed to acting in your best interests.

We are licensed to provide retirement income stream advice as well as credit and equity release product recommendations.

In addition, we’re an Australian company created for Australian retirees.


Ongoing Support

Our assistance and support is ongoing. We’ll keep you updated on any legislative changes which may impact your retirement finances and get in touch with you every year to make sure things are on track with the option of an annual review should you feel that you need it.

We’ll also keep you across any interesting and relevant information which we think will be useful in improving your retirement.

You can always get in touch with our friendly team at any time.

We can help you maximise your retirement income

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