Retirement funding solutions

What's your retirement situation?

For most Australians, staying in their own home is important in retirement. With Smooth Retirement’s equity release advice and solutions, it may be possible to achieve your goals and remain in the place you love.

Increase retirement income

Boost your income, top-up your pension, or improve your cashflow so you can have more money in your hand each month to live more comfortably and do the things you want to do.

Pay off or refinance debt

Use your home equity to pay down or refinance debt, getting rid of those monthly repayments – not to mention financial stress – giving you peace of mind and more cash each month to improve your lifestyle.

Get access to lump sums

Drawdown some of the value in your home so you can live better now. This could mean replacing the car, buying a new caravan, fixing up your home, visiting the kids or taking an overseas holiday.

Maintain or maximise your pension

You’ve worked hard for it, so it makes sense that your retirement income plan works to ensure you are getting all that you are entitled to.

Aged care funding

Whether you need care at home or in a facility, we have solutions to help you pay for it, without the need to sell up. This includes home modifications, in-home nursing and care services as well as those big upfront Refundable Accommodation Deposits (RADs).

Cash reserve

Have the cash you need for life’s unexpected events. We can help you set up a cash reserve (similar to a line of credit) using your home equity so you can get hold of lump sum funds whenever you need them.

Medical costs

When you or your loved one is battling illness, the last thing you need to worry about is how to pay the bills. We can show you how to use some of your home equity to cover those unexpected costs.

Inheritance options

Why wait until later when you can give the kids the help they need now? We can help you plan your legacy using your home equity.

We can help you maximise your retirement income

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