What we do

What we do

Smooth Retirement combines the expert skills of retirement income planning with specialist equity release broking to create a new service for Australian retirees like no other.

Our service is friendly, transparent, accessible, simple to use and understand and cost effective.

We deal specifically in equity release as a means of improving your retirement and are licensed to provide both (scoped) retirement income advice along with credit product recommendations.

Maximise your retirement income

Maximise Your Retirement Income

We specialise in providing you with the right advice, and a long-term plan using equity release to get the most out of your retirement income.
Tailored Financial Planning

Tailored Financial Planning

Smooth Retirement provides equity release advice, planning and broking in a unique all-in-one service for Australian retirees.

What happens next?

Our initial consultation is FREE of charge and there’s no obligation, or pressure from us, to sign up.

We can help you maximise your retirement income

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