Top tips to get you and your home ready for summer!

Top tips to get you and your home ready for summer!

Good preparation can make all the difference in keeping you and your home cooler during the summer months and there’s still plenty of time to get to work before the heat sets in.

Here’s our top tips to make your summer cooler and more comfortable.

Clean and change your ceiling fan direction

Dust off your ceiling fans and change the direction in which they spin to anticlockwise. A fan that rotates clockwise will circulate warm air back down to ground level by pushing it up and off the ceiling, while one that rotates anticlockwise will push cool air downwards. Check which way yours is going, and make sure it’s on the right mode for summer.

Insulate under doors to keep bugs out and cool air in

Insulating under doors will help to keep the cool air in – making a real difference to not only your comfort level but your power bills! It will also help to keep out all the bugs that become more active during the summer months.

Check your air conditioning

Unless you regularly use it to warm your house, your air conditioner has probably had a few months off. Check outside fans and clear away leaves and debris, take any covers off, and replace the filter on the indoor unit. Check the batteries in the remote and change if needed.

Close curtains or blinds

The strong summer sun can rapidly fade furniture so make sure you work out the direction it’s coming from and close those blinds or curtains during that part of the day. You’ll also be keeping the heat out, and the cool in.

Shade external air conditioning units

While moving your air-con unit may be out of the question, constructing a small fence around it to keep it out of the sun is worth doing. You’ll be helping it to work more efficiently and protecting the parts most vulnerable to heat exposure. You could also plant trees or bushes to cast shade over the unit.

Get your garden summer ready

Cut back trees and bushes and get rid of leaves and clippings so they don’t pile up. Mulch garden beds with a good quality mulch to keep in moisture and check your retic system and sprinklers are all working. Set watering systems to come on in the early hours of the morning – before the sun comes up – for maximum efficiency.

Take care of yourself

When the temperature does start to soar it’s all important that you take good care of yourself and minimise the risk of heat stress. Here’s are five simple things you can do:

1. Stay indoors
2. Drink plenty of fluids – preferably water
3. Keep as cool as possible by using air conditioning or fans if available, and use moist cool towels to moisten skin
4. Store water in the fridge to remain cool
5. Wear light, loose fitting clothing

It’s a great time of the year in Australia and we hope these simple steps help you to make the most of it.

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