Equity release facts

Did you know?

You sell the provider either an agreed share of your home now – or a portion of the future sale proceeds of your home.

The provider determines the amount of cash it will give to you NOW in exchange for a share of your home / or future sales proceeds.

The money you receive upfront is only reimbursed to the provider when your home is sold in the future, whenever that may be.

The amount of money you receive is determined by the provider and will depend on the type of equity release product you are dealing with.

Home reversion products pay you lump sum cash ONLY in exchange for an agreed share of the future sales proceeds of your home.

Fractional property transactions allow you to sell a percentage of your home to an investor, via a provider, in exchange for lump sum cash now or a staggered payment plan into the future. The amount you receive is based on the current value of your home.

With a fractional property transaction, maintaining the property and covering ongoing costs, such as insurance and rates, is shared between you and the investor.

Both types of equity release products allow you to continue living in the home – or rent it out – until the house is sold in the future at a time you choose.

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